Sang-Hong Park

Pro Cyclist - Gold medalist in the 2017 road cycle Asian cup 2017

When I first wore Materialise Phits Insoles, I felt uncomfortable and comfortable together, and that's a good thing! It means that Materialise Phits Insoles worked as an orthotic device to correct my wrong posture during cycling. When I use my Materialise Phits Insoles, my knees are not outward anymore and the power is efficiently transferred to the pedals. One of the advantages of the Materialise Phits Insoles is efficient power delivering which is induced by the 3D printed base structure. During pedaling, the outsole is fully attached to the insole. Therefore, it can induce much better power delivering to the pedal, without power loss. Additionally, Materialise Phits Insoles can help maintaining right posture and prevent injury during cycling. Materialise Phits Insoles are the best!