How long does it take before I get used to Materialise Phits Insoles?

Wearing Materialise Phits Insoles may cause sore muscle or increased pressure on your feet at the beginning. This is completely normal as Materialise Phits Insoles will guide your gait into a differently than you were used to. Some people don’t have any adaptation problems, others may feel some discomfort or their feet will hurt in the beginning. Make sure you give your feet and body the time to get used to Materialise Phits Insoles and train your feet to adapt to their new position. Day 1: wear your Phits Insoles 1 hour only Day 2: go for 2 hours Day 3 and 4: Try to wear your Phits Insoles for a half day and take them out of your shoes for the rest of the day. Day 5: Try to wear your Phits Insoles all day. Don’t ignore the signals your body’s sending you. If you feel pain in your feet or the rest of your body, take the orthotics out for the rest of the day and start over the next day wearing them for a half day. In this way, you’re feet and body have the time to adapt and get used to the guidance and the correction. Important! For sports use (except for cycling), it’s necessary to let your feet adapt first in everyday life. Increase the use slowly, as described above. After one or two weeks you’ll be used to your Phits Insoles and you can pick up your normal exercise schedule.

What about maintenance?

Materialise Phits Insoles are very maintenance friendly. The orthotics don’t absorb moist whatsoever and you can clean them easily. If you take off your shoes at night, it’s better to take your orthotics out of your shoes. Is the top cover wearing out? No problem, contact your Materialise Phits Suite Expert to replace them.

Do Materialise Phits Insoles fit into every shoe?

Materialise Phits Insoles do fit in most common sporting shoes, work- and safety shoes and normal shoes. For specified football, soccer or cycling shoes, we adapted the model of the orthotic without touching the functionality. There’s also a solution for more narrow shoes, both for men and women.

Where can I find Materialise Phits Insoles?

Materialise Phits Insoles are exclusively available at Materialise Phits Suite Experts. The experts network consists of O&P practices, podiatrist, physiotherapists and (sports) doctors, but there are also some very specialised & skilled sports stores in the network. Take a look at our dealer page to find a Materialise Phits Suite Expert near you.